Monday, March 20, 2006

Retoke of the Week: Cassandra Ponti

Cassandra Ponti
Actually, there's nothing shocking about this. Cassandra, one of the most controversial Pinoy Big Brother housemates, admitted this while she was still inside Kuya's house. That's the nose job. I don't know about the breast augmentation though. She has been denying that, and these pictures confirm that. Although, it's also possible that she had it before the rhinoplasty. Let's find an older photo to confirm that.
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

She really looks good now with her new nose. What do you think?

Posted by dr1van @ 10:33 PM

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Dapat mag concencentrate sya sa pag develop ng kanyang class. Wala kasi sya non

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ January 07, 2007 #

if u've seen her nose during her college days, u'll rly get shock how ugly she was. her nose is not just flat, it's so wide almost lyk gorilla's nose. but now, she luks so different, so stunning! nicely done!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ July 16, 2009 #
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