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Kris Aquino's Plastic Surgeries

Kris Aquino Pictures James Yap
Kris Aquino
Filipino celebrity who went under the knife? Who else but Kris Aquino! She's one the most vocal advocate of plastic surgeries in the Philippines. She admitted it many times over the Buzz, and even on one of her TV commercials for Smart. Tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction all over her body (neck, waist, hips etc.) are the procedures known to be done on her by no less than Dr. Vicki Belo, the doctor for the stars, and her partners in the Belo Medical Group. And basing from this photo, she could even have had a nose lift.

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Posted by dr1van @ 6:55 PM

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ok sana lahat ng observations kaya lang just want to inform all the readers na....

there's no such thing as liposuction for the neck.. baka you're referring to the chin instead!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ August 07, 2006 #

Thanks for the comment.

But, I beg to disagree. What layman refer as the "chin" is actually the anterior aspect of the bone, mandible. The fat, commonly called "double chin", in medical term is submandibular and submental fat. Strictly speaking, that area is STILL a part of two of the anatomic triangles of the human neck,the submandibular and submental triangles.
So, in short, the double chin is still a part of the neck.

Plastic surgeons only coined liposuction of the submandibular and submental fat as "chin liposuction" to make it more recognizable among non-medical people.

Posted by Blogger Retokado @ August 08, 2006 #

I noticed that long time ago sa may ilong nya ewan ko might be sa make up but i don't care ganda nya ngayon & who cares super ganda nya lalo na pag nakagown sya.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ August 30, 2006 #

amazing....i don't care whether how many times she went under the knife, what is important is gumanda siya, not only outside but inside her, i really admire her fo coming out in the open, for moving on and being able to find somebody she can be proud of. more power to Kris... stay sweet!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ November 16, 2006 #

kris still needs to get her nose fixed. tabingi, e...looks like it is collapsing. i like her "original" bulby nose. also, did she have her eyelids done (blepharoplasty)?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ March 05, 2009 #

Great. Now she has an ugly face to match her big, obnoxious mouth!

Posted by Anonymous Rick @ March 19, 2009 #

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Posted by Blogger Peter @ April 20, 2010 #

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ September 09, 2010 #

There's nothing wrong with celebrities getting plastic surgery. It's part of their job.. their line of work requires them to look their best.

Posted by Anonymous Michelle M @ December 19, 2010 #

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Hello , I really admire her fo coming out in the open .

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That's called a beauty of surgeries.

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Yeah, looks like she had some rhinoplasty. Well, she's a wealthy celebrity and her plastic surgeries made her look more beautiful. I think there's nothing wrong with that. Celebrities are meant to look good in front of the camera.

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Posted by Blogger Shannon @ September 26, 2011 #

She has a lot of money, it's a big deal for celebrities on how they look. So live with it people :)

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