Saturday, April 22, 2006

Retoke of the Week: Maui Taylor

Maui Taylor Picture Before and After Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery
Maui Taylor
She was once a struggling teeny bopper from the hit TV show TGIS. However, she surprised us when she made a daring comeback posing nude for the men's magazine FHM and donning a new face and breast size.
Probable Plastic Surgery Procedures: Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation, Breast Augmentation

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Posted by dr1van @ 12:34 AM

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I would sue the doctor who did this. She used to have a unique, pretty face. Now she's just one of the hundreds who look like this.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ January 25, 2007 #

One Word... UGLY!!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ May 07, 2007 #

I have nothing against surgery... but Maui's surgeries are FAILURES. They didn't turn her into a swan. She looks so fake... More surgeries and she will end up like Madam Auring!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ May 07, 2007 #

she's the mestiza i know pero more on color of the skin. di ganon kastrong yung features nya kaya after surgeries. medyo di nagbagay.

Posted by Blogger Christine Therese @ May 25, 2007 #

plain typical chinese-looking..she should feel bad to have that kind of stone-like gone bad.maui have that implants gross!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ August 13, 2008 #

Her boob job is a failure. They don't even bounce! They look gross. What good is a boob that doesn't bounce? When will these insecure pretty actresses stop ruining their bodies?

Posted by Anonymous Rick @ March 19, 2009 #
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