Monday, April 03, 2006

Retoke of the Week: Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore
I guess this is one of the most beautiful plastic surgery transformation in Hollywood. Look at her nose before and compare it with what she has now. It really made a great difference on her face. Aside from increasing the height of the bridge, the tip was also delicately contoured.
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

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Posted by dr1van @ 4:20 PM

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yeah!!! i agree with you. i feel so proud to found that i am naturally beautiful...

Posted by Anonymous lovesucks @ May 05, 2006 #

umm i also think that something happened with mandy's butt. if you can remember her figure in her debut single/video candy, she looked like a stick. then some weeks after, or maybe a month, she released the video of "i wanna be with you" i noticed that her butt got bigger. im not sure if it's been worked surgically or naturally.

Posted by Anonymous karen @ May 07, 2006 #

i think mandy also had a boob job. i remember that in the movie "a walk to remember" she was flat-chested. but now, she has boobs!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ August 15, 2006 #


Posted by Anonymous purps @ July 09, 2008 #

i dont think mandy had anything done surgically. her face looked different in the before and after photos because of the lighting and the angle, and of course, the make up. also, she was very young in the before photo. she was no more than 15 when she debuted with the music video "candy." as for the body, she got a lot bigger now, like more voluptuous.

Posted by Blogger Laurel @ July 14, 2008 #

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