Sunday, April 23, 2006

Meg Ryan's Lip Job

Meg Ryan's Before and After Lip Surgery Picture
Meg Ryan
She appeared on the Oprah show with new lips. Now, forums around the web about this topic referred to her as "fish lips."
Probable Plastic Surgery Procedure: Lip Collagen

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Posted by dr1van @ 1:30 AM

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unfortunately her lips really looks horrible...

Posted by Anonymous lovesucks @ May 05, 2006 #

ilan po ba ang mag pa retoke?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ March 02, 2007 #

Her lips are much better in the original form!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ April 26, 2007 #

sorry meg, but you look horrendously similar to joker now! you ruined yourself and i think though you tried to imprve your image, you made a mess of yourself and look what happened? NO MORE MOVIES, SHOWS, ETC. it slowed down your career. now your one of the major has beens of showbusiness...tsk..tsk...tsk...

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ March 30, 2008 #

Actually her lips are making me think of Michelle Pfeifer's. Her lips don't look bad, believe me I've seen badly done lips, and I know how awful it is to have thin lips. Actually it's her stuffed ironed out looking cheeks that really bothered me in "The Women." She always had such a great natural look; I hate seeing this.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ September 15, 2008 #

She just looks like "The Joker" now.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ October 06, 2008 #
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