Thursday, May 11, 2006

Britney Spears' Boob job and Nose Job

Britney Spears
When you say Hollywood Celebrity Plastic Surgery, one name that would probably popped out is Britney Spears. She had been rumored to go under the knife for couple of times.
First, she have had rhinoplasty. She underwent what they call nasal bridge reduction. Look at the two pairs of pictures below. In the Before pictures, you can see Britney's nose was still bulbous and with a broad bridge. After rhinoplasty, the nose was nicely contoured, softening her facial features more. It must be noted that she had the surgery when she was already famous.

Britney Spears Pictures Before and After Photos Nose job
Britney Sexy Pics before nose job

Next, the more popular procedure she had underwent was breast augmentation. It has been rumored that in the year 2000, during the height of the popularity of her debut album, she had breast implants put on her (see, the SNL guesting photo). However, she allegedly had it removed to be replaced by smaller implants. Look at her pregnant picture, it's noticeably smaller eventhough she's lactating. Ooops, she did it again and again!

Look at the evolution of her breasts .Britney spears Boob pics on sexy bikini, pregnant

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