Sunday, February 12, 2006

Retoke a Celebrity

Pretend you are doctors to the stars, Dr. Manny Calayan and Dr. Vicky Belo. Who do you wanna retoke, what body part, and why? Add to this list. This would be fun.

Posted by dr1van @ 8:09 PM

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ June 03, 2008 #

Pop's Fernandez!I'll put her face back(when she first started).I don't know what came up to her with all those cosmetic didn't do justice on her(sorry but it's true).she has a mirror everytime i'm sure unless she denies that everything went well on her face..specially the lips..ewww!!!that made her look a lot older than her age.sharon i'm sure had something done on her face too(which she won't admit anyway but she still looks sharon).Pops??she looks like dolly ann's twin sister..oops inday offense.It shows that she has a lot of insecurities..she just made her mom dulce stand out more...million million times.ciao!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ June 03, 2008 #

Well, everybody talking about Kim Chiu Plastic surgery of coure she's denying to death.In the first place a lot of them denies that they underwent some kind of enhancement procedure like Sharon Cuneta nose.People are not stupid you can spot it right away the difference before and after the procedure by comparing the old and new pictures.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ June 20, 2011 #

About Toni Gozaga's beauty she's just an ordinary girl nothing exceptional except her wodering eyes!!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ June 20, 2011 #

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Posted by Anonymous sex shop tienda @ October 22, 2011 #

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Posted by Anonymous price per head call center @ June 23, 2012 #

I just went back home last Sept. in manila And for the past 5 years everytime I visit Phils. I usually visit Dr. Belo clinic for my face Carbon Dioxide laser for warts removal and while in the US I routinely have my facials every month most of the time professionally done or if my schedule is tight I do my own facials .My neighbors in the phils. said that I don't look my age and even here in US, most of the time They always look at me 10 years younger than my actual age cosidering the fact that I'm just a regular girl next door not a celebrity I take care of my self not to mention that I had smile make-over and at the same time finesse rhinoplasty in 2000 which gave me a self esteem boost how much more with the celerities that requires them to look good all the time, of course they have to do it, sometimes managers advise their talents to do some kind of surgical enhancement to be more competetive .In showbiz and in any kind of work whether you like it or not people will judge you the way you look and the way you carry yourself.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ December 17, 2012 #

U know why bcoz martin nievera called her ugly numerous times and it got stucked on her brain. Martin told her put some make up on you coz u look so ugly!

Posted by Blogger Unknown @ September 28, 2016 #
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