Monday, February 27, 2006

Retoke of the Week: Vilma Santos

Vilma Santos?
Yeah, I know you were surprised. Actually, I need your opinions on this one. My lola, who went home from the States, was the one I know who first noticed Mayor Vi's looks. I remember her saying, just last year when we were watching an episode of The Buzz, that Ate Vi had lost her chinita look. I don't know if it was just normal aging, or did she have had an Asian Blepharoplasty on her upper eyelids? Look at her upper eyelids. Are those just an illusion made by the eye shadows? Or, is it an Upper Eyelid Surgery westernizing her eyes and making it deep-set? A brow lift is also possible. What do you think?

Posted by dr1van @ 4:57 PM

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well let's face it, vilma santos is ageing grecefully..and i think it helped that she went for some needed beauty surgery..But we can not deny the fact that Ate Vi is really taking care of herself..

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ April 20, 2006 #

i think it's just an illusion of the eyeshadow. that's actually what the eyeshadow is for and that stroke.

Posted by Anonymous karen @ May 07, 2006 #

What a silly and baseless speculation. That's natural beauty,plain and simple. What was that again about
Women and Old Wine? That's Ate Vi for you. - J Lee

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ August 01, 2006 #

she had her eyes made. deep set eyes do not come with age, at least for someone who never had those folds to begin with. but vilma is still beautiful nevertheless.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ September 16, 2006 #

this is insane. you're comparing pictures of vilma when she was in her teens and now that she's middle-aged? let's compare YOUR pictures -- one when you were 15 and the other of you in the present. i bet you'd look different!

nag-iiba ang mukha ng tao with time! for you other readers out there, try putting a recent photo of yourself side by side with another photo from even just a year or two ago. you'll see nag-iba ang mukha ninyo! and it's a natural process called A-G-I-N-G.

hay. please think more about what you post s you don't look idiotic.

Posted by Anonymous ladybug12 @ January 06, 2008 #

Actually, that is not all what Ate Vi had done, she had her nose done as well, and this was the before picture you posted here. I remember she had a tomatoe looking nose back in the days, not that it looked bad on her, but it is a fact, if you can watch her old film, all of you will agree that it is so true. I don't understand how anyone would want to change their looks, I for example have a banana looking nose, and my children told me I need my nose done so it looks better, but why bother, if it can do the function of smelling why play with nature?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ January 18, 2008 #

obviously, cheek implants and the eyelids. eyebrow lift is very possible as well. i bet my sweet ass. i noticed it straight away at the first five minutes of watching her past films.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ September 05, 2008 #

Common people! You just don't lose your chinita look. You can't have an eyelid just because you have aged. Sans make-up she still has a prominent eyelid instead of her original chinita look. Yes, she did have Blepharoplasty on her upper eyelids. Isn't it obvious? So what's wrong with that? This is NOT a silly baseless speculation nor it is idiotic! She did have retoke.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ May 03, 2009 #

Dating bold star si Vilma.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ November 04, 2011 #

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Posted by Anonymous price per head call center @ June 23, 2012 #

As a person age the eyelids sag, if it were no for blepharoplasty she will be more chinita looking, for her age she also had lower lid correction for her eye bags, vilma is the orig retokada queen, I should know, I am a plastic surgeon

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ December 30, 2013 #

Indeed she had done some changes in her face.....But, What's so bothering is she keeps on denying the fact, even to the point of saying she is afraid of I rest my case.

Posted by Blogger kokoropokopoko @ April 13, 2015 #
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